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One of my absolute favorite blogs, Drawn, shut down this week. How do I replace it? What are other good blogs or websites that focus on illustration, cartooning, and animated shorts?
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for animation: cartoon brew

are you on tumblr? There are a f-ton of drawing blogs on there of all types (individual artists, design firms, news, etc)...thats where I was getting my Drawn! of late.... also sad. :(
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MeFi's own louche mustachio has Your Daily Cartoon.
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Some of these may skew a bit more towards 'art' than 'illustration' (imagining for the sake of argument that there's a clear and meaningful distinction...). The first one, though, features a lot of animation-related stuff.

You might also just go to Tumblr, search the tags for the names of artists you like, and then follow the links back to the blogs that are posting them.
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Doodlers Anonymous. Com
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Drawn will be sadly missed!

Seconding cartoonbrew and Michael Sporn.

Pinterest is great for cartooning and illustration- try the overwhelming Character Desigh (everything), this great Illustration board, some more random boards.. everything generally links back to the website it came from, so you'll probably find a lot of stuff by clicking through the images you like.
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I can get lost in ffffound!, if you'll pardon the pun.

I'm still looking for a place to get my animated shorts fix. If not for Drawn, I would have missed the wonderful KAIROS trailer. Lately I've been checking in with Cartoon Brew's Shorts page.

Here's my list of other regulars:
Lines and Colors


Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art!

The Art of Animation

Outland Collective

The Art Center

I will definitely be milking this post to add to that list, though.
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