scratching noise (as in DJ generated) mp3/4's
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Can you point me towards a site with different "scratching" noises suitable for ringtones (length and formatwise). Would also appreciate a step by step tutorial of how to convert said mp3/mp4 to an iPhone 4S ringtone. Cheers
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If you've got a song that has a scratch on it that you like, you can open it up in Garageband, isolate the scratch, and select "export as a ringtone" and it should go right to iTunes the next time you sync your phone. Instructions are here.
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Here is a quick and easy way to convert your mpx into a ringtone using iTunes itself
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you'd probably do better with a ringtone they have zedge for iphone or just android?
you would be surprised by the sheer volume of ringtones out there...zedge had like 50 for 'tardis sound'
also, a lot of apps will let you pull and clip from your own music library, no tutorial necessary...look for the free one with the most downloads...
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