Looking for hand drawn animated shorts, suitable for children
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I've been sorting through youtube trying to find some animated shorts to show a group of kids, turns out there is a lot of flotsam! I'd appreciate any links.

My criteria are:

- Must be suitable for kids ages 6 to 12. No sex, no blood, nothing scary.
- Hand drawn, not 3D animated. Preferably very simple art, something that the kids could potentially see themselves creating. I'm looking for inspiring, not "so awesome I shouldn't attempt", but if you have a link to something awesome I'd like to see it.
- under 5 minutes.
- On youtube or downloadable.
- Animated (suitable for kids) music videos are great, anything cool from old (or new) sesame street and other crazy kid shows.

Here are a couple I really like:

Aug(De)Mented Reality
Simon's Cat

Also, any short pieces about art and colour, they don't have to be animated.
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Worker and Parasite.

Hoch Hech!
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Everything Homestar Runner?
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Aha's Take On Me music video?
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You might want to take a look around The Kid Should See This.
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Norman McClaren. His animation might be a little more abstract than you want but it's generally very simple and fun. He also does some fun/interesting stuff with live actors.

Boogie Doodle. Hen Hop. Neighbours. A Chairy Tale.
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TONS of good stuff from the National Film Board of Canada. Try the kids and animation channels.
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Sorry Film Not Ready. Very silly, a little out-there.

My 8 year old thought Homestar Runner was dumb, sadly. I think you have to be closer to snarky teen territory to like it.

You should check out the things posted at Cartoon Brew. Many of them might be too adult, but they post kid-friendly pieces, too, in all kinds of animation styles.
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Little Witch Academia
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Was just coming to suggest the National Film Board of Canada.

My Daughter (age 6) really likes:

The Black Fly Song

The Log Drivers Waltz

Cactus Swing

The Cat Came Back
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some music videos, in various styles:

Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (higher quality @ vimeo)

Minilogue - Hitchhiker's Choice

Roy Paci feat. Mike Patton - Tutto Diventerà Rosso

Gigi D'Agostino - Bla bla bla

and a lovely short (kicks in at around 2 minutes):

Ivan Maximov: Wind Along The Coast
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Oh and: chalkboard is great for kids: BNL - Testing 1, 2, 3.
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The Man Who Planted Trees is long (30 minutes), but so very, very wonderful. It's a must-see. Please do yourself a favor and watch it.
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