Shiren the English-speaking Wanderer
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I'm trying to play the SNES version of Shiren the Wanderer, with the English translation patch, on a Mac. The ROM without the patch works fine. When I put the patch in the same directory with the same base filename (the procedure for using a patch), the ROM loads and hangs. I'm using SNES9X as my emulator. Has anyone gotten this working? I'm willing to try any emulator.
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Best answer: You have to apply the patch using a tool such as MultiPatch.

Here's what worked for me:

1. Find a .smc of Shiren v1.0 in Japanese. v1.1 doesn't work. You might have to remove the headers, but this wasn't an issue for me.
2. Download the translation patch.
3. Use MultiPatch to apply it.

I've sent you a mefimail too.
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Response by poster: YISSS. Thanks a million, yaymukund! I hereby name you the Champion of Space and Time.
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