Cutting manly curls in manhattan
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Asking for a gentleman without a metafilter account: Can you recommend a stylist in Manhattan who specializes in, or at least does an excellent job with, male curly hair?

He usually goes to a barber who cuts it short on the side and leaves it longer on top, which looks tall, and thus silly, to me. When branching out before, we had one disaster with a low-end stylist who announced "I've never cut curly hair before!" and then went on to prove it. Surely there is someone in this city who knows what to do with a man's curls. Right?
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Devachan in SoHo. I also recently started going to Miss Jessie's Curlbar, which is about half the price but still good. I've seen men at both. They have very different approaches to cutting curls, but they know what they are doing.
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Search the Naturally salon finder. The site is geared toward women, but I think it will still point him in the right direction.
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My friend Steph at Fox & Boy salon in Nolita knows her way around a curly head of hair.
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