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I need a good breakfast spot in Vancouver for Saturday morning.

The lovely mrs. pdb and I are going to be in Vancouver this weekend to watch the Timbers play the Whitecaps. Our only real non-soccer-or-pub related free time will be on Saturday morning, and we need a good place for breakfast in central Vancouver. We're staying at the Comfort Inn, 654 Nelson St., and we have to be at the Railway Club on Dunsmuir by about 12.30-12.45 to meet up with the rest of our gaggle and collect our match tickets.

We won't have a car, but aren't averse to a reasonably short bus/cab ride to get to an awesome place for breakfast. Any Vancouverites have a favorite in the area?
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I would say Sophie's or The Naam. Can't go wrong with either. Both are on 4th in Kits.
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If you try Sophie's I recommend the Santa Fe Eggs Benedict. Everything else I've tried there has been very average.

Medina Cafe has absolutely amazing breakfast, I'd recommend that. The lineup can be intimidating but it moves faster than you'd think.
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I'm second not Sophies, if you're more interested in the breakfast. The kitschy decor is great, but unless you get there very early (before 9:30, 10 at the latest) the brunch queues are apt to be 30 minutes plus, and I've also only found the food to be OK.

Twisted Fork does a really nice brunch, although the lineup is also bad unless you get there early.

One of my favourite brunches are the breakfasts at Bandidas, which you can get to and from with a quick ride from granville skytrain station. It's mexican vegetarian/fusion, but very very tasty and filling. Again, be prepared to queue for 10-20 minutes unless you're there pre 10:30.
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Find the Vancouver Hotel (can't miss its green roof) and go to Griffins.
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Cafe Medina is pretty great. Run by the same folks as (and next door to) the deservingly lauded Chambar.
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Seconding Twisted Fork. The Naam is terrible and Sophie's is really nothing special.
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Agree with the Cafe Medina and Twisted Fork suggestions. Please, please, please avoid Sophie's and the Naam (especially the Naam).

But if I were you, I'd walk a few blocks down to the Aquatic Center, catch a ferry for a quick ride to Granville Island, and eat at Edible [pdf menu]. If I could grab a "mango madness" donut from Lee's on Granville Island, fresh enough that it's still warm, I'd do that, too.
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Oh if you don't mind venturing out onto 4th/kits area Cafe Regalade is amazing. Enough so that I dug up a photo and posted it to show you.
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I like The Templeton. It's a charming, renovated old diner one block west of your hotel, at Granville and Helmcken. The food is fresh and tasty.

They open at 9 am--I'd recommend being there a few minutes to 9 as they can get full and busy.
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Some good ideas here.

Sophie's and Naam no.

Medina yes, Twisted Fork yes, Edible, yes (although I've never been there for breakfast but every meal I've had there has been great. To add: I've always enjoyed Two Chefs and a Table.
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