Eurovision me, Montreal!
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I really want to watch Eurovision on Saturday! Ideally, I'd like to do it in a divey bar, possibly a divey gay bar. Is it possible to live my dream in Montreal?

It's available to stream online, but I'm looking for more of a community watching experience.

I've also discovered via Google that the Goethe-Institut is screening it, so in the absence of other options I'll go there. This is my first year in Montreal, and I don't know if this is something the Goethe-Institut does regularly... if it is, and if anyone has been in the past, I'd also be interested to know how it was. (Does it generate a good crowd? Is there a fun vibe? I'm imagining it being more like watching a movie in class, but am I wrong?)

Please, Montrealers, share with me your secret Eurovision night knowledge!
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Chez Boris, the doughnut café at 5151 avenue du Parc, was supposed to be showing it. Semi-divey ambiance but no liquor license, if you need that.

(Full disclosure: Boris is a good friend of mine. Also the food is great!)
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What time is it going to be? I don't have any suggestions of where to go, but I'd love to join in if it's ok!!
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Response by poster: Liquor license is a plus but not required!
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Just an FYI,

We're going to do a Eurovision Party and we do streaming from the Eurovision site.

We just hook the computer up to the TV and we're golden!

If you have friends, you can invite them over to your place (and hasna). I got all my food from Ikea, since Sweden is hosting.

The bonus with the stream is that you can watch it at a reasonable hour (our party starts at 7) you can also skip the boring or stupid parts.

At our house we encourage singing along, dancing and heckling.

Also...Belguim robbed Serbia of their place at the final.
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hasna: "What time is it going to be? I don't have any suggestions of where to go, but I'd love to join in if it's ok!!"

I think the finals start at 3pm EDT. Some friends of mine used to hang out at the Goethe Institute, I'll see if they know anything.

But if your favourite bar is open at that time, why not just ask them? It's not likely they'll have many other customers in the early afternoon, so if you can tell them X many people are interested I bet they'll help you out.
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Response by poster: There isn't really a bar I know well to ask in that way!

Maybe I should post this to IRL instead and see if I can gather such a group?
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Response by poster: (hasna, check your memail!)
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