Eurovision w/out a TV?
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How am I going to be able to watch Eurovision at the weekend w/out a television?

I'm in the UK and have been w/out a TV for years. Mrs gonzo_ID has some friends coming over and they would all love to watch it. Especially with Terry Wogan doing the commentary.

how on earth can I manage that?
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Best answer: We're using Zattoo for Bloomberg TV, but Eurovision is on BBC3 (semis) and BBC1 (finals). Zattoo carries both.
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Alas, Wogan has retired, with Graham Norton taking over to provide, presumably, a camper version of Irish snark.

The real aficionado mutes the TV and listens to Ken Bruce on Radio 2, though syncing it (over the air or via RealAudio) with online video is going to be tricky. I did manage to catch some of the live stream from last year -- it uses the Octoshape plugin for P2P streaming -- and it seemed to work pretty well at a decent resolution.
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Yes, get used to a Wogan-free Eurovision. There has been great debate amongst my peers as to whether it's even worth watching without the great Woge himself, so I hope your efforts to get it don't end up being a disappointment...
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