What should I do on my Mondays off in NYC?
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I have a new work schedule (Tuesday-Saturday) which, after taking care of chores on Sunday, leaves me with Monday off. I also have discounted access to most of the cultural institutions of NYC. I'd like to use my Mondays well. Please suggest things to do on Mondays in NYC.

Many museums and other cultural institutions are closed on Mondays, so a bunch of the obvious things are eliminated (including the Transit Museum, boo). Tell me what you'd do if you had a Monday off, limited spending money and an unlimited metrocard.

I live in the Bronx/Yonkers, so I'm aware that Brooklyn is very nice and all, but I will be more excited about visiting things that are less than an hour away by subway. That said, do feel free to suggest something absolutely spectacular in Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island, because some stuff really is worth the subway ride.

I've lived here for five years more or less but haven't done most of the tourist things, so if there's a tourist thing that's kind of awesome, I'd like to know that as well.
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Starting in July, the Met will be open on Mondays. So I'd definitely do that.

The Statue of Liberty re-opens July 4th, so I'd do that, too.
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Why not alternate chores between Sunday and Monday to open up all those museums?
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Response by poster: Monday rationale: I was hoping to take advantage of the relative quiet of the weekday. Also, my husband's work schedule is traditional so we spend Sunday together doing things including lawn/garden stuff for his mother outside of the city. I was looking for things to do on my own on Monday.
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Best answer: Also in two weeks the Met and the Cloisters will be open for a holiday Monday on Memorial Day.

The Musuem of Modern Art is open every day.

The DIA Readings in Contemporary Poetry series is often held on Mondays (tonight!)

The Jewish Museum is open on Mondays (closed on Wednesdays.)

The 92 Street Y holds interesting cultural events on Mondays (tonight Robert Alter on translating the Bible, Monday July 22, Martin Amis and Ian McEwan in conversation.)
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Best answer: You may be surprised to learn that there are 10 National Parks with 22 unique destinations in New York City and northern New Jersey. Get a passport* and explore! We just visited Hamilton Grange; Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace is next on my list.

*I have, over the past two years or so, become a great National Parks lover and evangelist. I apologize in advance to all of Metafilter; this is going to be my "join the Coast Guard and rescue people for a living" for the forseeable future.
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Best answer: ThePinkSuperhero is brilliant as usual. Grant's Tomb! While you're up there, visit the Firemen's Monument.
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Best answer: The Rain Room at MoMA just opened on Sunday. I was there this Monday morning and the members line was very short (members viewing is from 9:30-10:30am daily); the regular line looked pretty long.
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Best answer: The Guggenheim is open Sundays and Mondays.

So is Tibet House.

I'd also free up a Sunday to see Paul McCarthy's forest at the Park Ave Armory.
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Best answer: The Museum of the City of New York is open Mondays and it has a suggested admission fee. The Rubin is also open, but has a fixed admission.
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If you google self-guided tour New York City, You'll get lots of ideas, and you could get in great shape, as well as seeing a lot of the city. Just walking around, there are amazing architectural details that I enjoy when I visit. Looks like most NYPL Libraries have Monday hours. I got to see a Gutenberg Bible at the Main Library once, and the Reading Room is pretty awesome. Many restaurants are open Monday, and you could have lunches at some great places during off hours. You can ride the ferry to Staten Island, the tram to Roosevelt Island. I live in Maine, and sometimes I'll pick up a tourist guide, and visit places that I don't usually go because, tourists, and it's usually worthwhile.
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City Island is a classic Bronx field trip.
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Response by poster: Thank you guys for excellent answers. The Rain Room exhibit looks really really cool and the idea of visiting all the local National Parks sounds like a great deal of fun.

Things I've done in the past to explore the city that I might do again: instead of using NYPL's excellent hold system to get books from other branches, I went to the branches myself just to check them out.
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