Affordable lodging in New York City?
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I'm traveling to New York City in September. Is is possible to find a hotel that is clean, quiet, and safe without spending a fortune?

I don't need much space or amenities, but I do need a place where I won't be awakened by street noise or rude guests. I will be visiting people in Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn, so anything that's reasonably close to these spots is fine.

I'm not opposed to staying in New Jersey, or other spots that are not NYC, as long as there is convenient train access in to the early a.m. that doesn't take forever. I will not have a car.

By "not spending a fortune," I mean a hotel under $200/night, preferrably closer to $100/night.
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While this isn't a recommendation, it will definitely help: Interestingly I've read tons of bed bug reports from the NYC area so it may be worth its weight in gold if it helps you avoid a dump.
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Using Priceline, I have made reservations at three midtown hotels for $100/night each time. If you take a look at the NYC section of Bidding For Travel, you can see what kind of bids have actually been accepted at specific hotels. The FAQs at that site are very helpful if you've never used the bidding sites for hotel/travel bookings.
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I'm sure those two are good suggestions, but forget them. There is only one place you need to go. Ye Olde Carlton Arms. It's cheap- $87 a night for a one person and a private bathroom - and it is the most amazing place you'll stay in. Somone bought the building and commissioned local artists to use the whole thing as a canvas. Every wall, every room, every door has it's own theme and they all make an incredible work of art that you can live in. It's brilliant.

It's on East 25th Street... I'm not too down with Manhattan, but it was close enough to everything. One or two subway stops away from Times Square.

It's great. I found it to have minimal street noise and no rude guests. And it's just a fantastic place to be. Ahh. I want to go back now that I'm remembering it all.
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I once stayed at the Chelsea Lodge, not to be confused with the Chelsea Hotel, and it was very nice and inexpensive.

Amenities-wise, the Chelsea Lodge is European style, so the toilet is down the hall but you have a shower and sink in your room.

It's on a very quiet street, but within walking distance of a lively commercial area. I would certainly stay there again, although now that I have kids with tiny bladders, I'd probably bite the bullet and pay more to stay at the Chelsea Lodge Suites, which not only have the luxury of an in-suite toilet but also have kitchenettes.
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Surprisingly I actually recommend Embassy Suites in downtown battery park area. It generally comes up less expensive. They have great rooms and great service. It's slightly inconvenient because you have to cross the west side highway to get to the subway, but it's not a huge deal (5 minute walk).
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The NYTimes had an article about this recently. Not all of the "budget" hotels suggested there are in your price range, but some are.
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I've always liked the Salisbury, near Carnegie Hall. Price on line is much cheaper than the advertised.
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The Gershwin Hotel in Chelsea is the one I usually recommend to folks wanting a more wallet-friendly place to stay in Manhattan. It's clean, kinda funky (in a good way), has private bathrooms and is in a great neighborhood.
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I don't know anything about the prices, but there are several hotels (holiday inn express, fairfield inn, and others) right on rt. 120 in Carlstadt and East Rutherford, NJ - less than 10 miles from Manhattan and directly on the bus line (163, 164, 190 bus) to Port Authority. I do the ride every day almost, and its very quick.
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The Holiday Inn Express in Park Slope just opened last week--no idea how nice it is, but it's rare to find a reputable/chain hotel in a decent (i.e., non-airport) location outside Manhattan. Less than a block from the R train, and less then five minutes on foot to one of the best (many say the best) restaurant rows in the entire city.
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A year or so ago the New York Times travel section did a piece on budget travel in New York. The reporter rented an apartment on Craigslist for a few days. Apparently it's common practice: people rent their apartments out for a few days at a time to help pay the rent. It seems like a pretty good idea... the apartments at least as inexpensive as hotel rooms, plus they come with all the comforts of home.
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I second the Embassy Suites - it's the most gorgeous Embassy Suites you'll ever stay at. Plus it includes breakfast, and it's in a safe area.

I would not recommend the Hotel Carter or Hotel Pennsylvania because, well, read those articles.

Personal experience demands that I also warn you against Sohotel on the Bowery. It's the sort of old, grimy place where you walk into the bathroom on your tiptoes when you're barefoot for fear of stepping on something (roach, garbage, puddle, other). We hated it so much that we didn't go back for our second night, and we're poor students who couldn't afford to do that. It will come up on TripAdvisor. Avoid it. Avoid all three. The prices look hot, and the pictures look decent, and it's a swindle.
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This is a little unorthodox, but it's what I'd do if I wanted to visit NYC (just moved away; noticed this trend while looking for apartments there when I first got there). Craigslist's sublet/temporary board for NYC very often has weekend, by-the-week, two-week, etc. listings for apartments. Just looking tonight, I saw a room available in a nice apartment in Gramercy for five nights for fifty dollars a night, though you could rent it for even just a single night; there's a 9-day $450 room in a nice apartment in the West Village; and plenty more. It'll take a bit more work, but the price will be much less than a hotel. You'll also need to be somewhat familiar with the city's geography, but with friends in Manhattan and Brooklyn to advise, that shouldn't be a problem. Plus, you'll have a kitchen and something that feels more like a home than a hotel.
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I second Craigslist. We rented an amazing apartment in a newish building for about $100. Plus the owner helped out with loads of advice.
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I can second the Chelsea Lodge.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips, everyone. I will check them out. The internet rocks.
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I 'third?' the Chelsea Lodge.
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I second anjamu.

Through personal experience, avoid the Hotel Pennsylvania like it was the plague. It may seem like a deal, but it's a dump.
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I second checking out the NYT link -- and the idea of subletting apts for week-long stays or longer.

For a couple days, the best place in the city is the Washington Square Hotel. Great location, nice, clean rooms. Totally normal (i.e., bathroom in your suite, someone at the desk at all times). Across from the park and Babbo, too. Did I say great location?

Around 200 bucks a night, but any less and you're taking a chance -- or walking down the hall to take a shower.
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The Union Square Inn (and their two other locations) are my pick for affordable, clean and convenient places to stay in NYC. Pretty much like Holiday Inn. Note at Union Square, there's no elevator, though I'm sure they'd help carry your bags up. Also, there was a passable breakfast available every morning. One other thing to be wary of: make sure you're not in a basement room. Otherwise, it's hard to beat this place.
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from hearing alot of bad hotel stories in the last couple years i recommend finding a place that has mattress covers on the beds to keep out bed bugs. no discount is worth those things.
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The Riverside Tower Hotel is excellent, quiet, affordable and convenient.



Single Occupancy Double Occupancy Suites
$94.00 $99.00 $109 - $139

LOCATION: We're at the corner of 80th street and Riverside Drive in Manhattan, near
Lincoln Center, just minutes from midtown. Only steps from Central Park, and the
Museum of Natural History in New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, great Broadway shopping,
and fine New York dining, are all nearby.

A FINE, SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD: Our New York City hotel is surrounded by townhouses and luxury
apartments of stars of film, theatre, TV, music, ballet and sports. This area and the area
around the Waldorf are tied for first place in being the safest in Manhattan. Our location helps us
stay one of the safest New York City hotels.

FOOD AND TRANSPORTATION: Each room has a small kitchenette and there are over
30 restaurants within an 8 block radius. Cabs are nearby at all hours, 3 bus lines are
nearby and there is a subway stop 3 blocks away. La Guardia Airport is 5 miles away
and Kennedy Airport is 35 minutes away by cab.

Hope that helps you.
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