Prepare-ahead vegan recipes for an electric skillet?
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What are some tasty vegan recipes that can be prepared mostly ahead of time and heated (or reheated in an electric skillet?

Some friends and I will be traveling to an area where vegan dining options are practically nonexistent. I was planning on packing along an electric skillet (similar to this one) along with a cooler packed with enough food for a weekend.

What are some good vegan recipes that fit the following conditions? 1) Can be assembled for the most part ahead of time (I'm trying to keep the prep work in the hotel to a minimum), 2) Handle freezing or chilling well, and 3) Can be cooked or reheated in a skillet?

Stuff that's easy to clean up afterward is a bonus (so preferably no soups or stews).
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Falafel is a classic one. Add pita and a little container of salad & tahini and you have a meal that survives well in a cooler and needs minimal reheating.
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Veggie burgers! This recipe is one of my favourites. Serve on buns if you'd like, but in my experience they're just as tasty by themselves.
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A massaged kale salad will keep for several days in a cooler and still be tasty. It's also quite adaptable, depending on what you have on hand. If ingredients will be available, you might make a very plain kale salad base (just the kale, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt) and then change around the toppings as you feel like it — walnuts, dried cranberries, and diced apple one day, maybe, then the next day topped with corn, black beans, and a scoop of salsa.

Chia pudding might be worth considering. Keep the juice or almond milk or what have you in the cooler and the chia seeds separately, then combine and let sit for half an hour or more. (I find that the flavor combo of plain almond milk, a dash of vanilla, and a bit of lemon rind, lightly sweetened, tastes incredibly reminiscent of the rice pudding I grew up eating. So tasty, and as comfort food goes, incredibly easy.)
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Are you specifically looking for hot dishes? I am a big fan of this orzo salad which keeps chilled and travels nicely, but it's a cold/room temp dish. (Note: recipe contains honey, so sub with agave or similar if you're strict about that, and also obviously subbing chicken stock for vegetable stock.)

If you prep as much as possible ahead of time (frying the tofu, chopping the veggies), vegan pad thai comes together really quickly with just a skillet, a bowl, and hot tap water for the rice noodles. I use the one from Vegan with a Vengeance, a modified version of which is posted here.
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Vegetarian sushi? One nice advantage is that they don't have to be heated; you just eat them cold. But they'll stay fresh in the frig for hours.
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I think your best bet would be things-wrapped-inside-other-things...

For example, how about a nice selection of panini and/or burritos?

Or how about arepas? Viva Vegan has an awesome recipe, but I can't find it online, so here's a different one.

Along the same lines, you could do potato pancakes, corn bread, or other pan breads.

Or how about samosas! Or momos!
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Here are a few of mine that should work in an electric skillet:

One-Pot Chili and Pasta
Eggplant & Chickpea Skillet
Quick Hopping John Pilaf
Black-Eyed Peas and Kale
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