Seeking documentaries about digital art
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I am looking for some good documentaries about digital art. What do you recommend? Biographical movies about artists that make art with PhotoShop would be great. Movies about the history of CGI would be fascinating. Documentaries about art made for the internet could also be fun to see. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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It's not a documentary per se, but Computer Animation Festival 1.0 from 1993 is an early compilation of award winning digital short films.
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The BBS documentary has a section on the ANSI Art Scene. Yesterday's cutting edge episodes of The Computer Chronicles are now history lessons.
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RIP: A Remix Manifesto?
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The Art: 21 episode with Paul Pfeiffer is fascinating, and there are probably other episodes that would match your criteria. I'd also recommend Indie Game: The Movie and Bill Viola: The Eye of the Heart. You might also like Ryan and Tarnation.
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Pixar Shorts: A Short History is a nice intro to the birth of CGI as something more than flying logos.
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