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Can someone recommend therapists for me, my wife, and a marriage counselor in Loudon County Virginia that takes Anthem BC/BS insurance?

Long sordid details: my wife and I are having a great deal of trouble in our marriage. Infidelity by myself years ago, infidelity by her recently. When I discovered her affair I confronted her and we were in limbo for a few days. We already had a vacation to Florida scheduled and were responsible for transporting my mother and nephew down there, so didn't feel we could cancel. While in Florida I gave her an ultimatum of "stop talking to him and work on this with me, or lets just divorce". She agreed to stay and try to work on it with me. The next day I told her I was fearful of hurting myself. She took me to the hospital. Stayed a few days. I just got out and am flying back to Virginia tonight. The hospital has set me up with a place called "health works" and my first appointment is April 10th.

I'm not sure if they're going to have a therapist or if its just going to be a psychiatrist continuing my Zoloft script. Either way I need a psychologist/therapist of my own, one for my wife, and a marriage counselor.

Any recommendations?

Must take Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

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I hope insurance and location aren't dealbreakers. The best therapist I know, bar none, is Denise Shauer. She does individual and couples counseling.

She's worth the trip from Loudoun County (under an hour unless traffic is particularly bad). You'll get only partial reimbursement from Anthem, but if your marriage is worth saving, this is what money is for.

8101 Hinson Farm Rd #117
Alexandria‎ VA‎ 22306-3404
(703) 765-0299
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