Integrative cardiac care in Baltimore/DC area.
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Recommendation for integrative cardiologist in Baltimore/DC area?

My 70 year old dad just had coronary bypass heart surgery and he's interested in integrative approaches to maintaining heart health. He's in generally good health other than a history of high cholesterol and arterial blockages. The integrative approach would include, along with traditional modern therapies, nutrition, naturopathic medicine, yoga, mindfulness meditation, reiki etc. Its important that the doctor have a strong background in modern cardiology, but have experience with integrative approaches. Ideally he would have an established network of alternative healing providers he can refer patients to. My father lives in Howard County, Maryland and he is looking for a doctor in the Baltimore/DC area.

I am looking for a personal recommendation (outside of what a Google search provides). Thanks a bunch.
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Check out the Center for Integrative Medicine at UMD. Says they accept patients with heart disease. I think they're in downtown Baltimore.

Here's the thing though: cardiology isn't really something that gets included on most lists of likely candidates for an integrative approach. Things like chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia (all of which are not known to have a specific medical cause) definitely are, as are things like obesity, mood disorders, and non-specific pain. But the heart is very well understood compared to many other aspects of human anatomy, and I don't get the impression that many cardiologists have all that much incentive to look to alternative medicine. Certainly not when compared to endocrinologists or gastroenterologists, both of whom regularly deal with patients who complain of issues related to their specialties without having all that much to offer in terms of allopathic treatment.

Still, if that's the sort of care you're looking for, the CIM would seem to be the place to go if you live in Howard County.
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