Do they still make keyboards for first-gen iPads?
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I inherited an old, first-generation iPad. I'd love to get a portable keyboard for it so I don't have to lug my ridiculously huge laptop everywhere. I've been doing some Googling, but it's hard to sift out keyboards that will work with the old, obsolete first-generation devices now that it's 2013. I want actual hard keys. Is an Apple wireless keyboard my only option?
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Best answer: Are you looking at wireless keyboards, or wired ones? Any bluetooth keyboard will work just fine with it - not just the Apple one.
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I got this cheap-ass but decent-looking keyboard for my iPad 3, but it works fine with my wife's iPad 1. Has useful iPad-specific function keys.
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A coworker uses a Zagg keyboard with her first-gen iPad in meetings.

It uses actual hard keys.

She's been very pleased with it.
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I bought a Zaggmate for my iPad 1 just a few months ago. Works great. The first-generation iPad is just not that old!
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I have a Zaggmate for my 1st gen iPad. It's a great keyboard and I've done full-on writing + coding on it (and this from someone who uses a full-size USB keyboard any time I have to use a laptop).
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Have you looked on ebay to see if anyone is selling an old keyboard for an iPad?
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Any bluetooth keyboard will work fine. If you mean that you want a keyboard with an integrated case, you are probably out of luck. I have one of these stupid-cheap keyboards. It's ok but I don't use it all that often.
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I would *not* recommend the Aluratek case/keyboard here. The power switch and keyboard proved flaky after about 3 months. Kensington and Adesso seem to be more reliable from others' reviews.

In my defense, the Aluratek looked like a good possibility for me to avoid having to carry an iPad 1, case, and separate Apple keyboard at the time I bought. I should've paid more attention to the lack of reviews anywhere at the time.
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The Logitech / Zagg iPad keyboard "cover case" for iPad 2/3/4G *will* fit an iPad 1, albeit at a more perpendicular angle than the slimmer devices enjoy. I have several of these cases and iPad 1, 2 and 4 all function fine. The fit is just a little tight. You can get the "new" on eBay for around $35 - $45.
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Apple made their own Keyboard Dock for the first-gen iPads; you can still find these on eBay and they're not wireless.
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Response by poster: I ended up with a Bluetooth tablet keyboard (a keyboard with a case that folds into a stand) by Logitech. It's not a fancy keyboard/case combo, but whatever, it works.

Thanks, all!
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