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What are the components of a stellar pep talk?

Hey mefites, I have a friend who is going through a rough patch and I want to lift her spirits and motivate her to go for her goals! Help me get in touch with my inner Jeff Winger/Kid Presdident!
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You know what? I think you know how to do this. You've been around, and you've been through bad times yourself, so you've seen these things go down. They usually start with an easy question don't they? And then escalate to praising the person in vague terms? Right? And then you put things in historical perspective, because it's not about how your pep talk performs against Martin Luther King or Coach Taylor, but it's about how the pep talk performs right now. A great pep talk is suited to the individual, flipping the direst situation around to show them how what they thought was a hopeless drawback was just a matter of perspective. Sure, you're no Henry the 5th, but this friend isn't about to get slaughtered by the French. You have a unique view of this person's life and can express to them how important they are to you--that's pretty hard to mess up, and I guarantee you will make them feel better just by caring enough to talk positively about their future prospects. But I don't have to tell you this, you know you've got the tools already to motivate someone, now just get out there and do it! Are you going to do it? You bet your sweet buppy you're going to do it. Go on! You got this! Pep that sucker up!
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