Is there a service that can stream a video file at a certain time?
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A con I help run has video art programming which we'd like to stream to people who cannot attend the convention. However, the infrastructure for livestreaming at this venue is prohibitively restrictive. Hence I'm looking for a service that would allow me to upload, say, an mp4 and schedule when it would begin streaming.

Does one exist? If not, can anyone think of an alternative solution for time-shifted broadcasting like this?
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Why not upload to YouTube and make the link public once the event begins?
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Response by poster: The reasons for not using YouTube are mostly copyright and the inability to do a pre-scheduled publishing time without also allowing youtube ads, which we don't want to do. The copyright issues are largely due to music at the event triggering the ContentID system and then, for example, disallowing viewing of the content on mobiles.
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I think your easiest solution then is to give someone outside of the event an mp4, and then set up a livestream through or Have said person bring the livestream online once your event starts. You'll want to mess around with your stream setting a bunch before actually going live on event day.
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