An email domain provider that starts with M
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I'm looking for an email provider that starts with m and ends with .net

Hi, I am trying to help my uncle log on to his email account that he has forgotten the password for. The yahoo email wants to send a fix your password link to his alternate email which is suggests is, but he can't remember what email it was. Unfortunately, since we can't figure out what the domain is we can't figure out how to log on to it.

This email domain will probably be a popular one, its not going to be something that runs off his name or something. The email is probably at least 5-7 years old also. We already tried msn, but that is a .com and didn't work regardless.

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Did he ever get his internet access through Mindspring? He might have had a email address.
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posted by ceribus peribus at 7:51 PM on March 25, 2013 ? was a division of earthlink I believe.
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I still have a address. They were bought out by EarthLink. (dot net)
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Here are some other moderately common email domain names that fit the format:
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Another factor:

Back in the back when, it was fairly common for ISPs to give their subscribers email addresses that had local subdomains on them like or So if your uncle ever lived in a state that started with M, he might want to consider whether he had a localized ISP address that started with a code for his state.
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Following that pattern, any chance it's, where foo is just some other provider he had in the past?
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One other thought - you might try googling his name and typical variations on it. I periodically turn up links to a couple of addresses I had over a decade ago when looking for stuff I published during that timeframe.
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I have one of these addresses and it's part of the email providers.
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Not directly answering the question, but another line of attack if none of the suggestions above work: is there someone slightly webmail-savvy that your uncle might have emailed with that m*** address? You could try asking that person to search through their history for an email from him.
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Thanks for the help. We determined that he did have his email through earthlink and that it was a address. Unfortunately, he no longer has access to that email and doesn't remember his security questions. I think he is going to have to start fresh with his email.
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