Is there something like "whois" for Google App Engine apps?
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I might put something up on Google App Engine. I sometimes like to try to be private online, to the extent that I'd be concerned about whether my home address was available via a "whois" lookup on a website I control. If I put some software online via Google App Engine and allow public use of it, will ordinary people be able to find out who is behind it (that being me)? Will moderately skilled amateur hackers be able to? Presumably law enforcement officials could find out, but that does not concern me.

I would also be interested to know whether the answer actually applies not just to Google App Engine but to all PaaS providers--I think that's what the type of thing I'm interested in is called? But I'm only just learning about this "cloud" stuff and I'm not sure I could competently ask that question yet.
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Best answer: No, unless Google (or you) have an unintentional information leak, no one will be able to find out any info on you from AppEngine. For example, see for a response from a Google engineer saying they won't give out contact info.
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