Looking for some new male + female sex positions!
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Looking for some new male + female sex positions!

New as in new-to-me, not necessarily new-to-the-world. (although if you have invented some, please do share!)

I've seen this question asked in the past, but a lot of people linked to these sort of "intro to sex" books. We are not in need of such a book, as we're both fairly experienced. Also, we're already into kink/BDSM, so we don't need an intro to that either. (although if some of these new positions DO involve BDSM, please do share! we are very kink-friendly)

Specifically looking for new positions. Feel free to share links, books, illustrations, personal experiences, what-have-you.

These should be serious suggestions, BTW. Not looking for comedy like Nerve's "Position of the Day" calendar.
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You mean, aside from the Kama Sutra?
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People have recommended books because they tend to be clearly illustrated. Neither the Joy of Sex nor the Kama Sutra are "intro to sex" books - you can just flip through the illustrations and leave the parts that are of no interest.
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But many of Nerve's suggestions are serious...we use them. The format is meant to be humorous, but the positions work.

Other than that, not much better starting point than the kama sutra. You can find the positions online.
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You'll get better answers if you list all the old-to-you sex positions you already know.
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Name some positions you use and like already!

I am not in a "male female" relationship, but I have a lot of strap-on sex so I might have some ideas for you if what you're most interested in is positions where one person is putting a penis in another person's orifices. Have you tried any of these:

- Cock sucking with receptive partner lying face up on bed, head hanging off side of bed, leaving good access to tits and thighs if you want to use a cane or spanker of some kind.
- Receptive partner lying on side with top leg forward enough to give access to ass or pussy.
- Receptive partner face down, ass up. Traditional doggy style fucking or try with "active" partner using a hand to stimulate the fun bits while keeping their head up near the receptive partner's head for neck biting, dirty talking, ear licking, etc.
- Receptive partner lying down with "active" partner leaning over mouth.

Need more info about what you like to give more suggestions!
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Our current repertoire :

Me giving her oral. Her sitting on a chair with legs spread out and resting on the bed, me on the floor.

Me sitting up with my back against headboard and legs out, she sorta sitting on top of me. This one's good, because it hits her g-spot sometimes.

Same as above, only with her facing away from me.

Me laying face-up, she on top.


She and I standing up. She bent over, me penetrating her from behind.

I've tried doing her doggy-style, but it didn't seem to work too well. Perhaps it works better when the woman is a lot smaller than the man?

We're starting to play around with her pegging me with a strap-on. So, any suggestions here you can give us would be very helpful. She's about 4 or 5 inches shorter than me.
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The height difference thing makes any kind of mutually standing up unworkable for me but one person sitting on the floor with the other standing over works well. I use pillows a fair amount in other positions to deal with access and height problems. for pegging, she could also stand on a stool w you leaned over the bed or table.

Do you like having her sit on your face?
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Do you like having her sit on your face?

Yes :)

I've also given her oral in a number of ways, but her sitting in the chair has been the only position where I've brought her to climax. I will say, though, it's remarkably reliable.
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This apparently has all sex positions.
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I came here just to recommend the website that b33j linked. It's amazing because it actually shows the motion and has every position you could imagine, organized into logical categories.

No other resource needed unless you have special requirements. Not much point in looking for "best positions" since it depends so much on your individual bodies.
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I really really really like what that sexinfo101 site calls the "Deep Stick". Works great for anal, too - I'm a no-op transwoman, and that position has a really great angle for filling my ass with dick. I tried it on a whim one night and pretty much every time we really get going we'll spend some time in that arrangement.
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Thank you all! That website is exactly what we're looking for. Thanks for the personal suggestions, as well!
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