Is there a shared expenses app that works across phones?
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There are lots of shared expenses apps out there, but I've had a hard time finding one that lets multiple people enter their expenses into the same group group. This is what I mean: several roommates share group expenses. On their respective phones, they have an app that lets them punch in any expense they've incurred. It goes to the same group, and then you can calculate who owes whom. This seems simple, but I'm having trouble finding this feature!
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Check out this company.

Disclaimer: I know one of its founders. I don't use the service and have no financial interest in the company's services.
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Have you tried out Splitwise? Apps for android and iOS, and a web interface. I believe anyone can enter things they pay for, and Splitwise will calculate who owes whom cash. Super easy to use!
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also came to recommend splitwise, which is great
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Ms. mumkin and I use Expense Tool, and it gets the job done. Haven't used it for more than two people, but its description implies support for "groups of friends on vacation" and the like.
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All of these look great - I'll play around and see which one is the best fit. Thanks!
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