Where to get white blackout curtains?
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Does anyone have a suggestion for good blackout curtains that are standard full length (84 inches or similar) in white? Ones that actually block the light?

We need to block the light from a neighbors TV from coming into our bedroom window at night (I don't know how they do it, but it's like they have a projector shooting into our window until 3 in the morning). We have white curtains now, and my wife doesn't want to change to any other color. The problem I'm facing is that I can't seem to find white blackout curtains anywhere. I have seen them in pretty much every other color, but for some reason I can't find them in just a plain white. Can someone out there help me?
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I bought some white light blocking curtains? or maybe liners? at bed bath and beyond. They're pretty heavy, and ugly(just flat & wrinkly & white with velcro to attack to adjacent panels), but i have them behind nicer looking permanently closed curtains.
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I should clarify that I know where to get liners, but we're specifically looking for curtains that have permanent blackout cloth/liners sewn in, and not separate liners that have to be placed behind them.
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Pottery Barn has options in twill and dupioni silk.
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Oh, and Velvet apparently (it doesn't have blackout in the name but it does in the description).
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Country Curtains has a few options in off-white.
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I have twill curtains from Pottery Barn Kids that claim to be blackout but are most definitely not. I use a roller shade to achieve the desired effect. Can you not add a roller shade or pleated cordless shades to your existing window treatment set-up?
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I had relatively thin curtains and bought insulating liner fabric at Joann's. It's kind of rubbery. I cut squares/rectangle and sewed them to the curtains at the seams of the hems. They are light-impermeable now (and cut the draft a lot). I have not had much luck buying lined blackout curtains, especially at reasonable prices.
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I know you said JUST PLAIN WHITE, but would cream or ivory be okay? These and these and these are available in ivory -- hell, a bunch more of them are, and some of the Apt. 9 ones are available in a similar color called Oyster.
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I have the exact same problem and cannot find white blackout curtains long enough. When I lived in Canada a company called Covers carried white blackout curtains with a max length of 84". That might be enough for you.

As for me I have just ordered 30 yards of blackout fabric from Joanne's (50% off until tomorrow with website coupon) which I will cut to length and sew to the top of my plain white IKEA curtains. Since blackout fabric doesn't fray there is no need to hem the sides.

What I really suggest you do is buy a blackout roller shade and mounting it behind the existing curtains that extends to the outside of the window trim. This will be the darkest solution with the least amount of light bleeding around the edges of the window treatment.
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Don't know if you are still looking but Pottery Barn Kids has exactly what you want. They were on sale a few days ago too.
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