Another "Name That Movie"!
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An earlier question has triggered this for me. Sometime in the 90's (I think), I saw a movie with these elements: Romeo android, female bounty hunter/badass, red convertible with oxygen masks, post apocalyptic landscapes

... it seems the Romeo android had been programmed to believe he was in love and his true love had been killed. The bounty hunter (who wanted to design clothing) was hired by or for him to hunt down the supposed killer of his true love for the android to kill. In the end, of course, android and bounty hunter fall in love and the movie ends with them walking into a simulation of a beach with galloping horses.

While I may be confusing some of this with Cherry 2000, that is not it. I've Googled like mad and nothing remotely close turns up. Any suggestions?
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It's Circuitry Man (I remember it well.)
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Perfect! Thank you!
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