Should I buy a pico projector now?
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Does anybody have any experience with recent pico projectors? Which should I buy? I'm looking for something that will fit in my tiny daypack (with room to spare for all my other crap) that is at least 100 lumens and that has a battery.

I've borrowed an Optoma PK320, which is tiny and very bright—albeit slightly fuzzy. Are there any other projectors of comparable size and brightness that are higher in resolution? Will there be soon? (as in, would it be worth it to wait a month or two?)

Just to be clear, I'm fine with the quality of the image from the PK320—I just don't want to go and spend money only to have something much brighter or sharper appear all of a sudden.
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You might search on, they had a post a month or 2 ago about a whole new line of them coming out (prob really soon) that are brighter/cheaper/smaller/less might also consider picking up a samsung galaxy beam (an android phone with built-in pico tiny)...prob cheap on ebay I want one too? :P
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This is pretty accurate, though you can find better pricing.
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In the reviews bobdow links to, the Aaxa P4 ranks second to the Optoma PK320, but I'd also look at the Aaxa P300, at 300 lumens, HD resolution, only an inch longer, $440 (w/ battery).
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