Modern Motel in Mitte?
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Looking for the current trendiest, most happening hotel in Berlin?

Will be in Berlin in a couple of weeks. It's hotel scene appears to be at the apex of modern lodging. Which hotel is the most out there currently. Moderate price is nice but not essential.
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I was in Berlin last month and this place looked absolutely fantastic: Michelberger Hotel. I didn't stay there but I did have Sunday brunch there twice. The lobby and the restaurant were awesome, and the web site is inutterably cool, and I definitely want to stay there the next time I go! Right at Warschaurstrasse, so convenient to the U-bahn and the S-bahn and one of the M lines too.
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My design-loving friends stayed at the Weinmeister(warning: music) a few months ago and really liked it: "cool, trendy, cheapish".
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