Need help restoring bricked Verizon Galaxy Nexus
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My rooted verizon galaxy nexus won't boot and I need help recovering it (more inside)

I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus that is rooted and was running Cyanogenmod 10. I was trying to wipe data to prepare for selling it and I messed something up. Details:

It goes to the Google screen with the unlock logo but won't go past that, even after letting it sit for an hour.

Tried booting in to recovery, wiping cache and wiping dalvik cache to no avail.

Pulled battery and tried to boot to no avail

I do not have a backup to restore to

Tried installing Wugsfresh toolkit on my PC but the phone won't connect as a USB device
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See if you happen to be in the 4.2.x versions.
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Response by poster: jet_silver, thank you for the info but I don't have usb debugging on and I can't turn out on because I can't get the device to boot to go into the settings.
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You can flash a factory image from fastboot using either the galaxy nexus toolkit or the fastboot program from the android sdk. The toolkit includes a function that installs the necessary drivers.

You can get the necessary image package from Google.
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