electrician / HVAC recommendation for Derby, CT?
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Hi there, My mom needs a new furnace & hot water heater. Both are super old and and need to be replaced. Both will be electric, she lives in a condo and doesn't have gas or propane. Can anyone recommend an electrician or HVAC company in the area? I'm checking our Sears and have a recommendation for Aire Serve from an acquaintance. Thanks!
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First thing, go to your gas/electric utility and see if they offer rebates, same with the state and the Feds. Typically your utility will have contractors who will provide the services.

Check put tankless hot water, our gas company paid $350 towards it and we got a rebate from the Feds for $900.
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I had an OK experience with Hulse in Stratford - don't know if they range up to Derby but worth a call. It was a little difficult to get him out for a quote, but the work itself was done timely and well and came in on the low end of the bids we gathered.
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We've used Tri-City (North Haven) and had good results.
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Thanks everyone!

She has electric only, so I don't think that electric tankless would be a good fit. I got a gas tankless 18 months ago and we love it.

Good call on the rebates! I tracked down a bunch.

And thanks for the specific recommendations.
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