Men's underwear for weightlifting
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Looking for recommendations for men's underwear - comfortable, supportive, but keeps your package tucked back so you don't bash 'the boys' on the bar when doing deadlifts.
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Pretty much any kind of boxer briefs.
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I wear Under Armour, the BoxerJock style, but I'm sure you can find cheaper knockoffs out there if cost is an issue. I tend to favor the Under Armour-type fabrics over cotton because cotton tends to absorb moisture and get gross and rub.
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I wear standard compression shorts.
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Compression shorts, yep. I like under armour, but they're not super cheap.
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I like jock straps more than compression shorts. It keeps everything in place allows everything to breath. But perhaps I have has bad luck with the quality of Under Armor.
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Nthing compression shorts. I've got the Target version of Under Armour.
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This has never come up for me. I just checked and when I get to the top of a deadlift the bar is below boys-level for me. But everyone I know wears boxer-briefs to the gym.
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Nthing the suggestion for Under Armour BoxerJocks.
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