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Content Management Systems allow users to manage/publish web content. A Print on Demand system allows users manage/publish print content. I need a single system that does both.

I am looking for a system that allows for the creation and production of both web and print deliverables. For example, if I wanted to produce a 16 page report, I (or someone w/ access to the system) would login to the system, paste or key in the content into the relevant fields, add art from the library and once reviewed/approved, the system formats it into a pre-approved templated design. Once approved, I can output a hi rez pdf for printing OR port that content into a related template and output an html file for web usage.

I would like this system to be a repository for all publishing assets for this client – 20 different types of templates, eBlast templates, Microsites, banner ads – everything my client needs to manage and produce a variety of print or screen documents on their own – based on an templated design system.

One other note: I would like to have the ability to use fonts beyond "web safe" fonts for the print outputs.
Any ideas? thanks.
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Good luck with that.
We ran into a somewhat similar roadblock, though with much simpler requirements.

You're not really looking for a "single system" but a workflow. I can't imagine any single thing will do all of this for you. Too specific a recommendation isn't all that feasible here, but given how many different formats and media you need to deal with, I think you need to at least look into a fairly advanced Adobe setup, involving some of the lesser-known products like Contribute and InCopy, and probably everyone's favorite, Bridge.
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this is, to be frank, the holy grail of publishing systems. you're talking about some hybrid of indesign, incopy, and a web-based CMS.
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You might want to check out Anthologize. It does some of the things you want, but not others.
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