Where do the really good custom CMS creators show off their work?
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Where can I read about the craft of deploying really well-designed, client-appropriate content management solutions for the web?

I've used many, many different web CMS packages, and I'm starting to develop my own solutions that are extremely customized, tailored to fit each project and client.

I find it fascinating, and would like to read about similar work done by like-minded people.

I'm not talking about installing plugin X to fit client request Y. I'm talking about meeting with a client and actually building a content management system to fit them like a web-powered publishing exoskeleton.

For example, I can spend hours agonizing over which text entry style would best fit a client. Typical WYSIWYG HTML, or Textile because they use Basecamp often? Or just a file upload/selector for some types of content, because the client wants to save PSD-exported HTML and graphics in a ZIP file and have the CMS clean it up and publish it? How are images handled, and does the image workflow call for a separate technology chain to be built around the editor? What hosting environment is chosen, and what access does the client have? The whole experience.

I don't want to learn about specific CMS products; I do that enough already. I would like details on site-specific CMS designs, like case studies but without the brand worship. I would LOVE to see screenshots or videos.

Is there a journal for professional content managment system developers and/or designers? Or even just a website? Thanks for any tips.
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Wee Nudge has a section about providing content.

"It's wrong that web design has evolved into prettying up a sea of Lorem Ipsum and then forcing the content in at the end. There aren't many genuine reasons that content could not be available at the beginning of a project. The only reason is that it has simply become a bad habit. The web designer should be designing FOR the content from the start. You, as a client, should be quite worried if you're letting your designer create up an image gallery for you without a clear idea of what the eventual images would be. Making the effort to make content available before the project starts will result in a website that's specifically tailored to your content and therefore a much higher quality end product."
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