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CMSfilter: I am setting up a site for a friend's performance group. The key dynamic features will be a gig schedule and a photo gallery; other than that, I expect it'll be mostly static content. I'm looking for a CMS where the appearance is easy to customize and where non-technical people will be able to update the content easily without bugging me. I'm already famililar with, etc--I'm wondering if anyone has any specific recommendations. Roll-my-own is not an option.
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Have a look at Mambo - easy to use, nice back-end, hundreds of ready-made templates (and easy to tweak, or make your own). Gallery integrates perfectly with it, and it's built-in category & section handling would probably lend themselves quite well to an evolving gig list.

Needs php and mysql to run, I believe.
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I've had good luck with drupal.
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Response by poster: Drupal is a great system, but it's massive overkill for my purposes. However, since I already kinda-sorta know how to deal with it, that's what I've decided to go with.
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