Try to sink the duck!
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I'm looking for this toy I always used to see in roadside restaurant stores when I was a kid. It involves being unable to sink a small toy in a box.

The boxes were clear, of varying sizes (but usually handheld sized), and of rectangular, triangular, or even hexagonal shapes. Less than halfway filled with blue water and one to two small toys (ducks, a ship, whales, etc). You could swish, slosh, and create a violent storm but could never sink the little model.

I want to know what this toy is called and how it works. I'd also like to buy a couple, if they're still made.
Thank you!
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Are you talking about Tomy Waterful games?
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Wave bottle sounds like what you're describing. The blue part is water; the clear part is mineral oil, or something with a similar specific gravity. The toy that floats on the water is heavier than the oil, but lighter than the water, so it stays put (more or less). Googling 'ocean bottle' turns up a bunch of DIY versions, of you're so inclined.
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Was it kind of like this? I think they're made with blue oil and water.
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It looks like you can buy the same thing with different figures at this site. Note that this is just the site from the image I google searched up, I can't vouch for their non-sketchiness.
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MadamM, that's it!!! Thank you!

If anyone else happens to know of or find different styles of this toy, feel free to continue posting.
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This is in the same vein, but more "cool display to watch" than a toy; my parents totally had the Adriatic model shown here back in the 80s.
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There's also these really cool timers made of the same liquid combination.

I can vouch for the the vendor linked by MadamM, I've placed numerous orders with them over the years and always had a positive experience (they also have great customer service with an actual live person who answers the phone).
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