Getaways within 3 hours of NYC?
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I've asked before, but I need help! The grandparents have offered to take the kids this weekend, and so my wife and I are looking for a place to go in NYC.

The first wrinkle: we've been dang near everywhere from Boston to philly and would like to go somewhere new. So: off the beaten path is welcome.

Second wrinkle: we want a place that is within stumbling distance of spots where we can have a drink, have a bite, etc. So: either a spot in a downtownish area or even a good hotel with a nice restaurant and bar, maybe a spa, too, that would work. We are looking for low fuss.
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Northampton, MA is a great option, almost exactly 3 hours from NYC (although maybe you've been there already). For me, it's almost the perfect mix of culture (small museums, good restaurants and bars, cool shops) and nature.
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If this were me I'd make it as easy as possible and just take metro-north or LIRR to the first cute town that piqued my interest. Katonah comes to mind, but really there are a lot of cute towns to choose from.
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Long Island wineries. Or Danfords, Port Jefferson, NY
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mohonk? I've never been there in winter but its amazing in summer.
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Amish Country Spa
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You're driving right? Vermont and skiing is only a few hours away. I took the train up to Rutland a few weeks ago and wish I was still there.
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Well, my bf and I used to love going upstate to the Hudson Valley for the weekend. The best place we ever stayed was the Belvedere Mansion, a gorgeous victorian bed and breakfast, with working fireplaces, etc, about an hour and a half from NYC. It's not stumbling distance from a downtown area, but has a nice hotel bar and restaurant. Downtown Rhinebeck is about a 15 minute drive, and I'd reccommend Le Petit Bistro there. We also toured the Vanderbilt Mansion at Hyde Park and went to Dia Beacon on the way there. That trip was our of best memories of NYC!
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I see they have a Romantic Weekend special of the second night 50% off.
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Milford, PA. Stay at the Fauchere Hotel, have some great meals in their casual (or formal restaurant) and have drinks at one of the local bars (of which there are a few). It's sublimely gorgeous out there--and not ridiculously expensive.
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A lesser known option is an hour away from NYC in Sussex, NJ. I grew up in the skiing town of Vernon, and it was quiet and idyllic. To give you a sense of "off the beaten track," my home address is not available with Google's street view.

There are a series of lodges there that include restaurants and spa services and adventures to take no matter the time of year.

Crystal Golf Resort
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Providence or Newport!
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I vote for the Berkshires.
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