Adobe LiveCycle fields insist on printing.
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I'm attempting to create a form using Adobe LiveCycle for the first time. I've made a good dent in what I'm trying to do, and everything's finally working as it should, except that one particular field insists on printing even though the "presence" is absolutely, positively marked "Visible (screen only)".

Any ideas what could be causing such a thing to happen? If it helps, I'm not getting any options to save this as a dynamic form and there is no scripting involved. Thanks for any input!
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First off, which version of LCD? Major changes happened with the most recent update.

In general though, PDF form fields can be cantankerous at times although this particular setting is not usually one I have a problem with. Often times when I get a field that just will not behave, I get rid of it altogether and put in a new field from the library or dupe a working field.

Otherwise, without seeing the actual form and field, it is hard to determine what the issue is.
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I am working on LCD ES2. I have tried deleting and replacing, but no luck...the darn thing is still printing. Thanks for trying to help :)
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