Where can I find historic currency exchange rates from 1970?
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All the websites I can find using Google only go back to 1990. I am specifically looking for the exchange rate of Tunisian denars in 1970.
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I'm putting this here as a helpful clue to point you towards the answer, although it doesn't have your actual answer: As well as historical values of money (eg how much would a $1 in 1900 be worth today) there are some historical exchange rates (pounds to dollars) on Measuring Worth. Just an extra data point for you.
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Not sure if you specifically want 1970, or the 1970s through 1990s, but according to wikipedia, the tunisian dinar was pegged to the US dollar in 1970 at 0.525 dinar = 1 dollar.
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Thanks for your prompt replies. The information from Wikipedia could be good enough for what I need, didn't think of looking there!
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Wolfram Alpha.
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