What's that movie? Super vague memories demand an answer!
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Asking for a friend. Woman dances with men who all turn into the same man, who walks away and disappears. 50's or 60's color movie (TV show?) More vague details inside!

Asking for a friend:

"Can anyone help me with figuring out what movie this is from? I only saw the last few minutes of it, seemed like a 1950s film, color. In what seemed to be a dream sequence with no dialogue, a teenage girl and 3 or 4 odd looking characters are walking down a road (obviously a set, the background is painted and they're on a stage). The girl starts dancing with one of the characters, they stop, and the character turns into a handsome man, who then turns and walks back the way they came and disappears. One by one, the girl dances with all of them and they all turn into the same man who walks away and disappears. It's incredibly creepy and I'm desperate to find out what film it is!"

Well, I'm stumped. Will post more if she gets back to me with any other details like clothes, etc.
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I think it might be Lili starring Leslie Caron and Mel Ferrer. This is the best clip I could find of the dream sequence.
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I think you're thinking of the Laurie dream sequence where a 'dream Laurie" and "dream Curly" and real Jud dance. The "dream Curly" changes into the "real Curly.."

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