Best Pedometer App?
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I'm looking for an iPhone pedometer app that will count my daily steps. I'd like it to automatically run in the background all the time, so I don't have to remember to open it each day. Any suggestions?
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You'll need more than an app to track that properly. There are a bunch of Bluetooth pedometers and geotrackers for iOS.
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To me that sounds like something that couldn't exist in the iOS ecosystem. Have you checked out either of the Bluetooth FitBit pedometers?
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iOS doesn't allow always-on background apps, so this can't exist in the form you want. as the others said, perhaps check out fitbit or one of the other Bluetooth pedometer devices.
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Everyone else has nailed it. If you decide to pursue hardware, I love my FitBit One.
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My old iPod nano came with a native pedometer app. I don't recall what it was but surely there's something similar for the iPhone?
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There actually are pedometer apps that don't rely on GPS in the app store, but I still think you're better off with a gadget like a fitbit out of concern for battery life. These can pair with an iPhone app to report your daily activity.
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Here to recommend getting a FitBit One. It's a tiny device, the battery lasts a week, it has a built in display, and will automatically sync wirelessly with their free online service.
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Even if you could do that, it would murder your iphone's battery. Get a fitbit.
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Seconding FitBit. Also measures stair-climbing and sleep habits, and it gives little "rewards" when you meet targets.
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The gods have heard my prayers (and I didn't even have to sacrifice a goat)!
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