Can't place an SNL sketch and it is driving me crazy!
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My husband and I are driving ourselves insane and I've come back to AskMeFi after a hiatus because only the hive mind can help.

There is an SNL sketch (we're pretty sure it's from SNL) wherein a little girl(?) says "ooookaaay". It sounds a little bit like "oooo keeey" and is in a moderately low voice.

My husband seems to think she is a little sister being compared to an older sister(?).

We have both been wracking our brains since New Year's Day and cannot come up with the source or the actress (actor?) playing this role. I know this is a super stupid use of MeFi but it's going to drive me crazy until I figure it out.

(BTW - hiatus only because I got distracted by other shiny things, not because of anything with MeFi)
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Nicole Sullivan's character Antonia on MadTV?
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That Nicole Sullivan character is the first one I thought of when I read the question.
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