sugar-free-free gum?
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Is there any chewing gum available in the U.S. that does not use artificial sweeteners? Except for Clark's Teaberry, that is...

I chew gum a lot, but artificial sweeteners of any kind, even AceK, don't taste good to me. And every chewing gum I can find contains some kind of artificial sweetener, even if they also contain sugar. Except for Clark's Teaberry, and even that I have to buy in bulk on the Internet. I love teaberry, but I would like some other flavors for variety.
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Best answer: Glee Gum has no artificial sweeteners and a number of different flavors. I used to chew it quite a bit. It is a good gum. I used to find it in my local Whole Foods.
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Best answer: Some specialty stores may sell original Dentyne/Dentyne Classic (with sugar) or the line of Black Jack Gum, Beemans Gum and Clove Gum (also with sugar).

I'd check candy shops or shops that specialize in vintage-style decorative objects (Coke bottles, old-fashioned advertising signs, etc).

Sorry I can't give you any specifics.
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I was just about to suggest Glee Gum as well. You want "Classic" since there is also a sugar-free version.
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I would check Whole Foods. They don't carry products with artificial sweeteners (they allow stevia, though).
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Chiclets, I think?
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Dentyne Classic is great except it can cause awful mouth sores. I buy my clove gum by the case online as it is only available at certain times of year.
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Spry is sweetened with xylitol, which helps prevent tooth decay. It doesn't appear to contain artificial sweeteners.
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I like XyliChew, although the flavor lasts only about 30 seconds.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks. I will try Glee Gum. It seems they use chicle for the base, like old school chewing gums used to.

Clove isn't bad either, though it's only rarely available.
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Um, xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as an artificial sweetener, no?
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Most people mean aspartame or saccharin when they say "artificial sweetener" in conversation, don't they?
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Bazooka bubble gum.
Double Bubble.
Big League Chew.

In case you wanna pick something up at a gas station instead of Whole Foods! ;)
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