Where to get unsweetened chewing gum?
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I'm trying to find unsweetened chewing gum? I want it to be minty-flavored, but just not sweet, like my Tom's of Maine natural toothpaste. Any ideas?

I recently switched to Tom's of Maine natural toothpaste and totally love the fact that it's not at all sweet. My mouth feels so refreshed and minty-clean afterward without any sweetness lingering in my mouth.

I want this feeling in a gum, but so far have had no luck. To clarify, I'm looking for unsweetened gum -- not sugarless. And I do want it to be flavored -- preferably with natural mint oils -- not the tasteless, crumbly tree sap that the Mayans used to eat.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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Peelu. Probably in your local natural foods grocery / co-op.
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Tom's toothpaste is sweetened with Xylitol. There are several gums out there with Xylitol. It's good for your teeth, too.
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Make your own chewing gum!
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The Altoid gum is very minty and not very sweet. It is sweetened with a sugar alcohol, which might be Xylitol. (Like someone above said, that toothpaste is not "unsweetened," it just doesn't taste terribly sweet.) It has real mint oil in it.
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Best answer: It looks like the Intergum company has a line of unsweetend gum called Falım. It seems like it's possible to order the mint & baking soda variety here, and the peppermint without baking soda flavor (among others) here.
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If you don't mind looking kind of silly, you might consider trying mint oil soaked toothpicks instead. They don't have any sweeteners at all, and they last a really long time- as in hours, not minutes.
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I find Glee Gum to be tasty and natural and not super sweet.
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I find that Wrigley Extra White gum is generally pretty un-sweet as a commercial gum. But looking at the US Wrigley site it doesn't seem like a product that is available in the US market. Maybe it is, or maybe it's differently branded. I bought some today, and it is quite minty without being very sweet.
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