Gum that won't burn my mouth?
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I nearly constantly chew gum to keep my teeth and tongue occupied, but the gums I've tried recently are failures. Any recommendations for a sugar-free, long-lasting gum?

I nearly constantly chew gum at work, but the last couple of varieties I've used don't last very long and/or hurt my mouth after prolonged use.

If I don't chew gum, I tend to chew the skin inside my mouth, around my fingers, or bite my nails. Chewing gum, although not the best habit by itself, keeps my teeth and tongue occupied without having candy by my teeth all day (I had used butterscotches before but it got out of hand).

By 'long-lasting', I don't really care if the flavor stays constant; I just don't want the gum to turn stiff.

Gums I have tried:

* Orbit Bubblemint - no longer enjoy the flavor, doesn't last long
* Orbit Mist Watermelon Spring - gums and lips started hurting, doesn't last long
* Trident Layers Mint+Melon - Lasts forever, but has started hurting
* IceBreakers Ice Cubes - Lasts forever, but way too minty

The hurting seems to be in relation to getting canker sores, either from me biting my lips absentmindedly and then getting irritated from the gum or from the gum itself.

I've tried snacking on nuts, but it's too intermittent and followed by fishing fragments out of my teeth with my tongue.


1. Any alternative chewing substance?

2. What is it that makes it seem to burn my mouth, so I can avoid ones with those?

I am also open to methods to reduce or focus my jitters/nervous habits.

Thanks, askmefi!
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I really like Trident's Minty Sweet Twist -- lasts forever and has a good flavor. I chew it all the time and it never hurts my mouth, but I have no idea if it would hurt yours or not since I don't know why this seems to happen to you.
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Best answer: I usually have gum in my mouth too (former smoker). From your examples it looks like the fruity ones are irritating you more than the minty ones, maybe avoid funky flavors? I like Dentyne in the small stick form (about 1/4 inch by 1.5 inches). The flavor lasts forever but a certain mintiness remains, and it doesn't get hard and rubbery. All the chiclet types in the blister packs seems to go from sugary coating to tasteless in a pretty short time. Those IceBreaker squares get stringy before too long too.
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I don't know if a different flavour will have a different consistency, but I always have a supply of Trident Layers Greenapple+Goldenpineapple, and it stays soft for as long as I chew it.
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Peppermint Orbit. Chew it like a fiend.
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Best answer: Extra. It's way under-rated, being a classic-looking stick gum that gets looked over for the flashier cubes and whatnot, but it's simple and long-lasting (both in terms of flavor and of textural integrity). Stick to mint flavors to avoid the mouth hurt, fruity flavors can have irritating acidity.
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Best answer: You could try the Stride gums. Orbit's Sweet Mint flavor is a nice mild mint. And I'll add to unixrat's choice that bamboo toothpicks are great. They won't rot away in your mouth like regular western toothpicks.
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Best answer: You must try these awesome tea-tree oil "chewing sticks" that I recommend perioidically here. They are magical.
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This isn't directly an answer to your question, but have you tried doing what I do, which is to bite each piece of gum in half, so when it starts to go hard or flavourless, you pop the other piece in your mouth for a boost?

(Just make sure you don't pop the saved half into your pocket, or you will eventually forget about one & when it goes through the wash it will bond with your clothing)
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Extra Polar Ice.
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Best answer: I like Orbit's Sweet Mint, too. The trick is to chew two pieces at once—it'll still eventually go hard, but not nearly as quickly as it does with just one piece. This goes for many gums—try two pieces.
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Response by poster: Wow, good catch that it's fruity flavors! I hadn't thought of that.

With chewing sticks and toothpicks - do you just stick it in your mouth and chew? Are the higher end ones (bamboo and Dr. Wu's linked) less prone to fragmenting?

I've started a list of gums to try out and will keep adding to it - keep them coming and thanks!
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I second the Extra recommendation - I really like its texture, the quantity in a stick and how long it lasts. Good selection of flavors, too. I like the fruity ones, so if you're trying to stay away from them, I can't help. My current fave is the sweet tropical one.
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I like Wrigley's 5 gum - unique flavors and seems to last longer than other gums I've chewed.
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Oh, and I find that cinnamon flavoured gum (eg Big Red) will burn my mouth if I have too much of it.
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Best answer: You might find some useful info at Gum Alert
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Best answer: Stride is definitely my favorite, it's the longest lasting that I've found. I also like Trident, but it doesn't last as long. I hate Orbit, and anything that has a candy shell - I find soft gums way better.
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Best answer: I just chew basic, original-flavour Trident. Pretty content with it, seems to last forever.

Also this could totally have used a Chewing Magazine tag.
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I am completely addicted to Extra's Dessert Delights gum, especially the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor. It really tastes just like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream even though it's sugar free. I use it to keep me from over indulging my sweet tooth and it works great.
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I also prefer Trident. It lasts awhile, and it has Xylitol which helps fight cavities. It says it right on the box.
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I can make one of those tea-tree chewing sticks last a couple hours! And the flavor never goes away. Magical, I tell you.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! I've compiled a list and am heading to the store this evening.
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If you can find it, clove gum is awesome. But you hardly ever find it.

So the back up gum is Peelu.

Doesn't make your mouth a happy as clove, but it's easy to find.

Also, sticks. Tea tree and otherwise as have been mentioned.
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Best answer: Way late,
but given the irritation was canker sores, did you also look up canker sore treatments?

It's suggested to avoid a bunch of foods like citrus, avoid toothpaste with sodium laurel sulphate (sls), and to take a B12 vitamin each day.
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Response by poster: As a followup, the canker sores went away when I stopped using fruity/citrus gum. Actually, I've been taking B12 anyway and changed toothpastes about that same time, both of which have helped.

Thanks again for helping me to figure out what was causing the problem!
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