So I'm a grown man who wants to dress like Hermione Granger, what's it to you?
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I want Hermione's green trench coat from "Goblet of Fire."

No, really, it's just this particular coat:

Pic 1
Pic 2

I've found that it may have been made by Topshop, and similar coats were sold by Gap and JC Penney, but that was years ago and the items are long deleted. I haven't been able to find anything more than superficially close.

So, my questions: is there anything about it that I'm not seeing that proclaims it to be a women's coat? It looks like just a military-themed trench coat to me. All I'd have to do is button it up the other side, right? And maybe not wear a pink sweater underneath.

And most important, where can I find one just like it? (Maybe a size or two bigger.)
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Those buttons look pretty ladylike to me. I can't put my finger on why they look ladylike, it's just that something about them seems like they'd look out of place on a dude.

There are literally thousands of similar options (even ones intended to be worn by dudes!) if you google things like "green military trench" or "military trench" or "canvas military coat" or similar.
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There's this (sold out, unfortunately), but it definitely looks cut for a woman. I think Emma Watson reps for Burberry to boot. Military surplus might be an option, but your colors look to be mostly limited to black, blue and beige.
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A google search for "mens vintage trench coat military green" came up with a lot of very similar looks.

This coat on etsy looks pretty close. I think you'd have good luck checking vintage stores for something similar.
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you should include in your search which specific features you like, as in double breasted, shoulder tabs, fabric type, etc. The jacket looks to be cotton to me. The fading and drape would be different for wool or a synthetic/blend.

I first thought to look at Burberry, which hired her for a campaign. The colour might not be exactly what you want, but they have really good shots of some of the details. Of course, they are pricey, but you should be able to find something at most price ranges.

This is a great article about trench coats.
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If you are patient, you might find something you like at Sierra Trading Post, or another similar outlet.
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Topshop is a women's store, but they are, or were, mostly aimed at the 14-30 crowd and their sizes come up small (they stop at a UK16 and I think their petite range starts at a UK4). As a busty person, I tend to find their clothes are cut for a straighter rather than a curvy/hourglass shape, so there probably wouldn't be an enormous difference in terms of shape from that coat and a men's version. However, if you find the actual coat, it's going to be too small for you unless you're a slight build.

Topman is the men's version of Topshop (though I believe they too run small) so it might be worth keeping an eye open there. It looks a lot to me like a cotton-canvas or even a khaki-coloured denim.
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FWIW, I once bought a Burberry trench coat for $80 in a second hand/vintage clothing store in an upscale neighbourhood. That's the beauty of well-made classic clothing - it often outlives its owner. Whether you want to spend the time to sift through second hand/vintage clothing stores until you find what you want is another question.
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Generally a woman's coat will fit weird on a man since it is cut for a different body type.

Olive green, army style coats are trendy now, for men and women. It shouldn't be too hard to find something similar cut for guys.
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The title of your post made me laugh, and truly, there ain't nothing wrong with that so now I compulsively shop for you.

I got alot of hopefulness by googling cotton trench olive. Something like this Brooks Brothers in a size one-to-three larger than your norm is what you seek. The fabric finish isn't quite right on this one, but the detailing is there, and a good maker is worth investing in.

Now, handy hands or helpful tailor to: 1) switch out buttons. (Note: Do not get sticker shock at good buttons! But full horn might not be necessary; a nice style-y synthetic would be fine). 2) Shorten the hem to a kicky length above your knee. 3) Use the extra hem fabric to make a belt, if the coat did not come with, and loops, which you will then never close. 4) Adjust the shoulder to accomodate a pair of devistatingly badass shoulderpads. This is why you buy large. This is why you take the time and don't skimp on fitting. I'd go full oldschool felt-cotton-horsehair crazy on it myself, but if you are okay with foam-based pads, that's probably what these are. The difference between 'adorable tiny thing in cutely oversize garment' and 'shapeless awkward blob swimming in fabric' is creating some crux of fit, and in this case I see it as the crawford-collins continuum of loft right there. Extra length on sleeve then gets adjusted by a tuck at the shoulder seam to preserve your cuff buckle as the sleeve hits (adorably!) at knuckle length.

You would then never wear this garment buttoned. Whisk around, solving conundra and working magic. Absolutely rock the pink sweater if the mood strikes you! Before the 21st cen. little boys were pinks and little girls were blues, and it's wonderfully flattering to a variety of skintones.

Best of luck! Send photos!
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody for your tips, advice, and encouragement. Here's where I'm at with this, if you care...

First, let me emphasize that my subject line was for humorous purposes only, and I have no desire to actually dress like Hermione, or try to look like her in any way. Were I to attempt it, the results would likely scar the nation for generations to come. It's only this coat. And as I already have several coats that could easily be described with the same terms as this one, it's this specific coat. I guess because it would be a little in-joke with myself. No pink sweater. Though I might be able to work with the Gryffindor scarf. (And maybe I could get a S.P.E.W. badge...)

You're right, phunniemee, about the large buttons being a bit feminine. I also see now that although there are buttonholes up both sides, she only has one in her right lapel, and I'd need one in the left. It looks like it's cut perfectly straight, but since she never wears it buttoned there's no way to be sure. There may be big ol' shoulder pads in there, Rube R. Nekker, but as I intimated, my body bears several significant differences from a 14-year-old girl's, and if I were to wear shoulder pads in a coat like that I'd look like Klaus Nomi.

One of the coat's most defining characteristics, though, is its pockets: they're patches on the outside that go straight up-and-down, not angled into-the-lining like most new trench coats. I had better luck searching when I changed the term "trench coat" with "mac," and found this which is the closest I've seen other than being the wrong color and not in my size.

So, what I'm going to do is, keep searching the web on occasion, keeping a closer eye on Topman just in case they bring back a green mac; maybe check Goodwills and vintage stores, but that would be a temptation to spend even more money I don't have on other stuff I don't need; and later in the month when they reopen, write to Magnoli Clothiers and see how much it might set me back for them to do me a one-off replication, with whatever alterations are needed to make it a men's coat.

At that point this project may be back-burnered indefinitely, but if anything comes of it I'll happily send photos to anyone who wants them.

Thanks again everyone.
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