ISO a women's trenchcoat that will last.
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For the past few years the Boden Rainy Day Mac has been the coat I wear all winter. It's perfect for the weather here, near Seattle. But it doesn't last more than two years before it looks shabby (not in a well-aged way, just worn out). What company makes trench coats that will still look good after a few years?

It has to be water-resistant at a minimum, but I don't need a waterproof rain jacket (I already have one). Three-quarter length. Solid exterior, not patterned, preferably in an interesting color. Deep pockets. A hood. Lined. Not quilted. Not too warm. Sized for a tall woman with long arms (10 Tall, usually).

Basically the Rainy Day Mac, which I love, but built to last.
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Not precisely answering your question (I'd memail you if that were possible):
If the sticking point for you on the Boden Rainy Day Mac is the price, their Ebay store is quite good and has extremely good discounts which could make the cost of buying an item every two years acceptable.
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MeMail turned back on. It isn't the price per se of the Boden mac, but that I don't like outerwear being disposable.
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It maybe too steampunk for your tastes, but would an oilskin drover work for you?
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Don't know if it would be out of your price range but Burberry are known for trench coats. They're expensive, but they're investments because the quality means they will last.
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London Fog Heritage Trench. Will last forever,
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I've heard Burberry aren't well made anymore (and also they're out of my price range). London Fog might do, if they're still durable.
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I have been keeping my eye on this hoping someone would have something good.

Corpse-I also am in Seattle and have also gone through two boden macs and they also lasted about that long. I actually was so annoyed I returned them after wearing them a year. Two times I did that. Everything from REI and Patagonia can be too outdoorsy looking for me and the boden style is great, I just wish their coats weren't made with dissolvable thread and fabrics.
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Good to know it isn't just me being extra tough on my clothes.
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Nope. And I still look longingly at the boden macs-they are so perfect except they just fall apart. I check every year to see if they mention an upgrade in durability or something. If I ever see something I will memail you. And for the record it's only boden coats that I have ever had a problem with-I am currently wearing this boden coat and last week I saw the stitches were wearing away. I have been wearing this coat for 4 months.
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