Help me find two articles of clothing
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I am looking for the following things and have not been able to find them through the major vendors where I usually buy clothes (Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Loft, Banana Republic, and the like). I'd appreciate tips to vendors either major or indie in the US where I could find them. (1) Women's spring-weight trenchcoat in a patterned fabric (houndstooth, plaid, graphic print, floral), $75-$175, size 12/M/L. (2) Women's/unisex hoodie with an argyle pattern, decent build quality, size M/L.
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eShakti's got a floral trench, looks like, and well within that price range.
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For something like this, I do an eBay search. You may or may not be interested in buying used, but you will at least see what brands have made things you're looking for and you may get some shopping ideas. Just enter "floral trench" and then filter by category: clothing > women's> coats. Repeat for plaid, houndstooth, checkered, etc. You can do the same thing with the argyle hoodie although I've never seen anything like that—what fabric are you looking for?
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How about QVC? Isaac Mizrahi has one.
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You could also post this on The Prowl.
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Boden's Spring Trench comes in black and white stripes this year, and a yellow with cute white piping. Their Autumn Trench was in polka dots, but it's in limited sizes, going on clearance. They are catologue only in the US.

Here's an argyle hoodie from Sierra Trading.
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Argyle hoodies from Cafepress/Hanes.
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Slight correction, you can now buy Boden stuff in America at BodenUSA. Good recommendation, fontophilic, their trenches are very cute.
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The Boden Rainy Day Trench is the closest to what I am looking for (bold prints, contemporary cut, not super femme-y), but still doesn't hit the sweet spot. The Mizrahi reads a bit more like something for a lady older than me, both in cut and pattern, and the eShakti one is just too girly.
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Michael Kors' houndstooth trench from Bloomingdales?

Google might be your friend on this if you can break down each possibility for it, e.g. "houndstooth spring women's trench"
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Already Googled. I was hoping some un-Googleable indie or Etsy shop would have what I want.
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