How can I understand & delight this dylan thomas fan
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A fantastic gentleman tonight at the coffee shop where I work recited a supposedly 4 verse poem by Dylan Thomas having to do with autumn and I am convinced I heard the word "Tulip" in there somewhere. My question is -- does anyone know what poem he may have been reciting? And even more -- can you think of a great way to respond to him the next time I see him?

He claimed something like Dylan Thomas's poem had something to do with seeing the world as a poet. He's not an English professor or anything, just a passionate older guy with a joy of poetry who treats waitstaff really well. Would love to delight him somehow with a few choice verses of poetry or insight into Dylan Thomas, who he adores but deeply regrets that Dylan's most famous work is what he thinks is some of Dylan's worst. Any ideas? He comes in to the coffee shop almost every day, but I'm not always scheduled when he comes in, so I may have 1 day - 1 week to prepare. Thanks in advance!
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This might be it:

If that IS it, it's turnips, not tulips, however. Not sure how best to respond to him, but I hope that's helpful. :)
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This is my favourite Dylan Thomas poem, which might help: "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower"
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