What are the best books and websites for identifying and dating vintage clothing?
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What are the best books and websites for identifying and dating vintage clothing?

I have started a small side business/hobby of eBaying clothes I find at thrift stores (have been slowly upgrading my wardrobe, and selling things I find that are great but don't fit or work for me), and have been frustrated at times trying to date certain labels. I'm interested in books and websites that might help in identifying vintage clothes, whether it's just a guide to a specific brand, or a look at clothing in general.
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It's kind of dated, but I like Secondhand Chic by Christie Weil.
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Couture Allure has some great articles on this topic.
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I'm very reliant on the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource.

I also have a book called Viva Vintage which I suppose may not be more informative than any other book, but it's a good introductory read and I took in more from that book than I might have from others.

And you can't be without Fashion Era.
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The Vintage Fashion Guild also has a public forum where you can ask for insight about dating specific pieces of vintage clothing, a timeline, and some quick tips and tricks.

(Caveat, I am a proud member of the VFG, as is Couture Allure)
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