What is this tune?
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WhatIsThisSongFilter: A mobile plays this tune and we can't figure out what it is. Does anyone have any ideas? (Please disregard the cute baby cooing, as she isn't a part of the ensemble. ;-)
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If you have an iPhone or something running Android, could you upload the song and see if a music identifier could figure it out?
posted by wolfgirl at 10:04 AM on December 22, 2012

This is Thomas Dekker's original tune to his Cradle Song (not the similar Beatles version called Golden Slumbers).
posted by thatdawnperson at 12:58 PM on December 22, 2012

@wolfgirl, the problem is that only Golden Slumbers is identified.

@thatdawnperson: You Are Officially Awesome. Thanks!
posted by TauLepton at 5:41 AM on January 22, 2013

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