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I have a friend who will be taking care of her mom in Jackson, MS, next week while the latter undergoes surgery. Because said friend survived an accident a few years ago and consequently prefers not to drive, can you recommend a solution for getting them both to the hospital and back? She seems to think Jackson does not have cabs, but I suspect there is a better solution. I do not know which hospital they will be visiting.
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I've yet to encounter a town that doesn't have at least one taxi service.

And according to Google, Jackson has several.
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As someone who has actually taken a cab in Jackson, MS I can confirm they exist.

Other than that there aren't a lot of options for transporting two people who can't drive.
- A friend
- A cab
- A town car or limo service
- A bus (a terrible, terrible idea)
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Jackson has cab service, or else it wouldn't survive as a metro area of half a million. Try Veterans Cab.
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If your friend's mother's procedure is being covered by Medicaid, she may be able to take advantage of Mississippi Division of Medicaid's Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program.
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Jackson does indeed have cabs. As a matter of fact, I have used Veterans, cited above on, occasion as an undergraduate student at Millsaps when, well, let's say, "not in a proper state for driving." They're nothing super-fancy, but they do the job.
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I once had a cab driver in Jackson who told me that many cabbies there make a lot of their money doing hospital/medical fares. A lot of them go across the state.
Call a cab company and they will understand the client's needs.
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Depending on where your friend is coming from, she may mean that Jackson does not have cabs that roam the streets and you just put your arm up to hail one. She's probably right about that. You have to call them and ask them to come pick you up. And based on my non-Jackson experience of doing that, you might want to call in advance, then call again closer to the appointment to confirm, and build an extra 15-30 minutes into your schedule just in case they can't find you or there is traffic on the way to get you.
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I have taken a cab in Jackson as well (from the Amtrak station, no less!). Jackson's transit system is incrediby minimal, and the frequency is no better than every hour on its best line.
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