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Looking for an artist that would go into natural environments (e.g. a stream) and organize objects there (e.g. rocks in the stream). by some salient characteristic (color, size). I think I'm making up the stream example, but they were objects that would never end up ordered through any natural process.
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Best answer: Are you talking about the extraordinary Andy Goldsworthy?
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If you do mean Andy Goldsworthy, I highly recommend checking out the documentary Rivers and Tides, which was available on Netflix Instant Watch last I checked.
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Hooray right answers! A different artist came to mind, which you might also like. Giuseppe Randazzo.
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I would also like to suggest a local Ottawa artist John Ceprano who has been doing this for many year on the Ottawa River.
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Another option is Nils-Udo, who got tapped to do a few of the photos for the cover/liner notes art for Peter Gabriel's album Ovo.
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