Can you help with nanny agency recommendations? Then please do!
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Does anyone have recommendations for nanny agencies for nannies in Toronto? The internet is full of options but it's hard, as always, to tell which are better than others.

All y'all were super helpful with the catsitter recommendations so I'm coming for more! I will be heading back to work in the new year (March-ish) and the baby machine will need some sort of child care. I'm investigating many options one of which is getting a nanny.

I'm aware of - has anyone had actual experiences with hiring through there? It seems kind of overwhelming just to look at initially.

Personal recommendations for that or other agencies?

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I'm registered as a nanny with, but I've never actually used it (I'm not back in Canada until next summer, but I just wanted to get an idea about the jobs out there). From what I've seen, there are a lot of parents in the Toronto area using it, and you can always request that potential nannies be available for in-person interviews.
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I know someone with a disabled child who used Wee Watch, an agency for licensed home childcare providers.
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